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Love Stories


I want to tell your love story

Photographing couples is a true joy and honor. Creating a tangible way to remember some of the most special moments of your life is the best job I could ever imagine!


My goal is to capture images that really make you feel what it was like to be there. I want you to look back at these photos one year, ten years, fifty years from now and remember what it all felt like. Every magical moment, every laugh, every kiss, every mishap - it’s all worth remembering. My other goal is to make your day easier! From helping plan your timeline in advance to happily rounding up your aunts and uncles for family portraits or fixing that stray strand of hair, I want to help you enjoy your big day as much as possible. 


Planning on having a smaller, intimate wedding? I am There is nothing more empowering than crafting a day that is genuine and authentic to the two of you - whether that includes one hundred people or just you two and your officiant, the most important thing is celebrating your love how you want. I’m here to support you and document the joy no matter what that looks like. 


My photography style is: true to color, natural, and bright and vibrant - much like your love! I prefer to utilize beautiful natural light, but will gladly bring out the flash for your epic dance floor photos once the sun goes down.


I would also describe my photos as a happy mix of documentary and editorial. My favorite images to take are candid moments happening in real-time, so you’ll most often find me with my eye in the viewfinder, ready to capture a laugh or a stolen kiss. When it comes to your detail shots or newlywed portraits though, I know how important it is to craft those beautiful editorial style images and won’t be afraid to adjust the scene as needed to capture *the* shot for your hang-on-the-wall worthy portraits. But above all else, I want to make sure you get to enjoy each and every moment of your big day together.


Looking for an engagement session, anniversary portraits or family photos? I can help with those milestones too. 

Ready to get started? Get in touch using the “Contact” form and I’ll get back to you with pricing and availability, and we can schedule a time to talk details!


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